Lesson5: SendWindowMessages does not convert all text to lowercase

Question: Among 3 input methods(Default, Simulate Type/Click, SendWindowMessages), SendWindowMessages converts all text to lowercase according to the lesson5 tutorial. However, the type into activity that I made (with SendWindowMessages checked) does not convert any texts to lowercase at all.
Does anyone have the same problem?

OS: windows10 pro
Community Edition 2018.2.3

Hi @Kinjo_n

SendWindowMessage wont convert any texts to lowercase.
Actually , the click is executed by sending a specific message to the target application. This input method can work in the background, is compatible with most desktop apps, but it is not the fastest of the methods. By default, this check box is not selected. If neither this nor the SimulateClick check boxes are selected, the default method simulates the click by using the hardware driver. The default method is the slowest, it cannot work in the background, but it is compatible with all desktop apps.


Hi @Sob
Thank you for your reply.
That is very helpful, but my real question is;
Is’n SendWindowMessages supposed to convert text to lowercase??
For example, I tried to type “AbcD” to the notepad app by using typeinto activity with SenWindowMessages. Based on what they say in the tutorial, it is supposed to be “abcd”. Not simply “AbcD”.(convert uppercase to lowercase)
I was thinking that may be just because of some problems related to version changes or something, but I couldn’t find any similar questions. . .

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As of my knowledge SendWindowMessages wont convert uppercase to lowercase.
If you want to do so, then in your condition use.ToUpper/.ToLower

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See this for Send Windows Messages -

It is a type of input method which is used when there are activities Click/Type used in program

For LowerCase and UpperCase you can simply write

String.ToLower and String.ToUpper


I see.
I was just following the instruction, and that part did bother me.
Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

I suppose the tutorial isn’t always correct…
Thank you. That was helpful:)

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Great, close the thread by selecting this as solution