Type Into - First character changed to lower case occassionally


I found that for Type Into Activity, sometime when it writes a text string to the web page, the first letter is changed to lower case. Though it is not often, but quite annoying.

Is there a way to prevent this ? I am using IE11 and checked SendWindowMessage.



Give 1 or 2 sec. delay before typing.

And also have you checked ‘Click Before Typing’ and ‘Empty Filed’ in properties.


Thanks for your prompt reply. Let me try for a while, and get back.

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Hi @Snowman,

try giving delay between keys


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Hi @Gouda_6,

I made a 2 sec delay, but still it happens occasionally, about 30 ~50% of time.

Any other way to fix it ?


Try with Simulate Click property as “True” instead of “Send Window Message”

I tick the “Click Before Typing” and “Empty Field” and the issue does not happen since then. Thanks for the advice.

Just a side note, I have to use SendWindowMessage as the other two methods cannot type in the text in separate lines, even though VBCrLf and \n were tried.

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