Sending Shared folder links in Outlook

I have assigned a shared folder directory to a variable in which will be sent in the body of the send outlook message activity. The problem is that the directory is only partially linked and stops when there is a space in the directory.
“xxxx/aa aa/xxxx”
So the directory will be linked up to the first “aa” after that, the directory becomes plain text.


You can try the code like below (3 quotation marks " in front and back of filepath)

“”“C:\Users\Me\Folder with Spaces\database.accdb”""

Pradeep Sridharan

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Thanks it works. Do you know why it requires 3 quotation marks in order for it to become a full link?

string does not recognized the path contains spaces.

So that we need to given 3 quotations marks to convert the space into entire path

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