Send variable hyperlink with Send Outlook Mailmessage

Hi all,

I’ve seen multiple topics regarding this issue or similar ones. However, none of them seem to provide me with a working answer. I’ve tried to cut this down, but for some reason it is not working.

What I would like to establish is:
Send a mail message with Outlook containing a string followed by a hyperlink that leads to a specific folder on a shared network drive.

What I tried:
Multiple things but the most basic ones:
Use the Send Outlook Mailmessage activity, not selecting the sender, sending it to my own email address. The subject is just a string value and the IsBodyHtml option is enabled.

First: For the body I typed image

Second: The body is solely a variable that contains a file location that is stored in my config file.

First “output”:
An error that it cannot work with that input for the mail body.
Second output:
Just the folder path as a regular string value.

I think there should be even an easy answer, but I just cannot find it. I hope you guys can help me with that.

Hi @MCMFagro

Check this post


Hi @AshwinS2,

Thanks for your response. Unfortunately though, this is not working for me. The process from the link is giving me the error that an acitivity is missing, so I guess I need to download some package with new activities. Other than that, I do get the correct value from the config file. I just cannot get it to create a hyperlink.