E-mail link is partially sent out

Hello, everybody,

I send an e-mail with the activity “Send Outlook Mail Message”. The body of the e-mail is written in HTML. The checkbox IsBodyHtml is checked.

In the body I enter a hyperlink, <a href=S:…, to a directory in the network.

When I open the e-mail and copy the link address, I see only a part of the path I entered.

The original path has 180 characters, only the first 80 characters arrive.

The path also starts with file///s:
But I only enter s:\

For HTML you need to escape certain characters.


The double insertion of “\” did not work.

Your Body string should look like this:

"Hello <a href=""file:///S:\ETC"">Link</a>"

Thanks for your help, I figured out what it is.

In my path there is a space, example

S:/File/File 1/

The space between File and 1 is not recognized. If the path is set to


everything works. Is there a solution to this without having to rename the folder?

you can do a replace on space with  

I finally have the solution.

In HTML, spaces are entered as %20.

S:/File/File%201 is intepreted as S:/File/File 1

haha yes i was going to say add %20 or  

However, i have tested folders with normal spaces in the link and it appears to work for me.

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