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Hello all,

Fulllink = “\\ips\CheckExport\Input\Check Export\Output"+ date.Now.ToString(“yyyy/MM/dd”)+”"+ fileName.ToString

i have checked IsBodyHtml with the body email as below:

<a href=" + Fulllink.ToString + ">" + FileName.ToString + "</a> but when I revcied email not full link

Can help me make full link can open. Thank you

Hello @anh.nguyen

Fulllink = “\\ips\CheckExport\Input\Check Export\Output” + DateTime.Now.ToString(“yyyy/MM/dd”) + FileName

’ Construct the HTML for the hyperlink
htmlLink = “” + FileName + “

’ Construct the email body with the HTML hyperlink
emailBody = "

Please find the file: " + htmlLink + “

’ Use the Send Outlook Mail Message activity to send the email
SendOutlookMailMessage(“[YourEmailAddress]”, “[RecipientEmailAddress]”, “File Link”, emailBody)

Thanks & Cheers!!!

Sorry can you explain more? Because the link so long?

Because you didn’t put single quotes around the href value, it thinks the space after Check indicates the end of the URL. Add single quotes:

"<a href='" + Fulllink.ToString + "'>" + FileName.ToString + "</a>"

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