Trying to Send Enter on this pop up, print page on Chrome browser

I am trying to print this page and tried sending hotkey with only page title as a selector, but not working. Can anyone help?

Put send hot key inside attach window and try once…!

use GET ACTIVE WINDOW activity and inside that use SEND HOT KEY activity without selecting any element and use key as enter

hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @Sailee_Gokhale

No luck :frowning:

Tried with this. Not working. :frowning:

hmm fine try with CLICK IMAGE ACTIVITY where select the save button as image

Cheers @Sailee_Gokhale

Main.xaml (6.7 KB) see this workflow @Sailee_Gokhale

Really appreciate your help guys @Palaniyappan, @ViVerma and @kadiravan_kalidoss Cheers!!

However, when tried to send Ctrl+P through studio it looked like

and later typed the path and file name in the file name field, that solved the problem.

Still wondering why manual crtl+P and through studio ctrl+P commands are behaving differently.

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