Unable to use send hotkey activity for selecting all text from the website and printing it

Dear All,

I am trying to select all the text after completing an activity on the website and print it using UiPath.

I have tried implementing it using send hotkey and type into activities without any progress.

Can anybody help me to resolve this problem?
Book2.xlsx (8.7 KB)

Main_MoneySQ - Property Valuation.xaml (80.3 KB)

@Vinutha @aksh1yadav @balupad14 @nadim.warsi @bogdanripa @ClaytonM @Vidwa @PrankurJoshi @neonova

can you elaborate your problem please.

Hi @Vidwa

I am not able to capture the entire text on the website using ctrl + A and then print it using control + P as demonstrated in the workflow attached. Please advise.


Hi @nadim.warsi @loginerror @indra @Stelian_Mustea @savitha.kumari @aksh1yadav @venkat4u @rkelchuri @neonova
Can you please suggest a solution to this problem?


I have attached simple solution to do google search and select all and to print. Try this and let us know how did you go.
Main.xaml (7.5 KB)


i saw your XAML File it contains multiple blocks. i am not able to find correct one.
can you give sample with single block.

i observed you are using type into activity. i recomend to use send hot key with selector.

May i know why you want to copy whole page…?

it would be very helpful if you can provide more information about your scenario…

Hi @savitha.kumari, I had tried the same activity and code before to select all the text and print it but it didn’t work.

I tried it again. still no change has been observed.

Take a look Main1.xaml (84.7 KB)

Can you suggest anything? @savitha.kumari

@venkat4u, Please refer to the one attached recently.