Send HotKey: Ctrl + Shift + p. Timeout Reached

Hi, I’m very new to UiPath and UiPath Community.

I have recently created a process to get information from Config File then input them into Google Chrome to search and then to save the webpage as PDF.

However, I’m stuck with send HotKey, Ctrl + Shift + P.
Error Message: showing that the send hotkey activity timeout reached

Please help! Thank you! :innocent:


Take the attach browser activity(With indicating the page) and inside that take send hot key activity without selector

Oh yea sorry I forgot to mention, I did put the send hotkey activity in the Attach Browser and for the selector of the send Hotkey is empty. However it doesn’t work. As I’m running in PiP(picture in Picture) mode

Thanks for the clarification…

PiP I’m not sure on. Will see if I find anything.

Alright sure! Thank you very much!

It is always the send hotkey activity

hello sir, did you solve the problem?
this question happen randomly so i have no idea what should i do.
can you give me any advice? thank you.

best wishes.