Sending Hotkey when in Computer Vision enviornment

Hi everyone! I’m automating in a Citrix environment but cannot use the client/server extensions because I don’t have access to the server. I’m using Computer Vision, which is working quite well. One last challenge…while operating manually in the window I can send hotkey CTRL+A to highlight all text on the screen. I cannot get “SEND HOTKEY” activity to work within a CV screen scope. Any ideas how I can get SEND HOTKEY to work? How about a work-around method? Thanks!

Before using send hotkey use CV Highlight or CV Click activity bcoz in my project also same issue came for printing PDF after using mentioned activity it get resolved.

SEND HOTKEY will only work when UiPath Remote Runtime is installed server where your application is hosted.

How do you send CTRL-A? Either way, you can use the CV Type for shortcuts also. Here is more info on that. These examples are from the non-CV Type, but the same applies

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@aasefmulla can you explain how you did this in more detail? We tried using the CV Highlight activity and that works fine but then when we try to send a hotkey after that, we can’t get it to work b/c the send hotkey requires you to be in a Use Application/Browser scope, but we’re in a CV Screen scope, so the send hotkey activity can’t be used. Any insight is appreciated!

@carinchapman you can use CV Type Into:


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