Sending multiple difference hotkeys

I’m wondering is it good decision to make a robot working on virtual machine with hotkeys only instead of using Computer Vision Activity?

He just need to navigate to different Navision forms.
Use ctrl+c to copy all rows then paste it and do the same staff like again navigate to other form…
I think almost everything I can cover with hotkeys, because when I work i’m not using the mouse…

But the real question is it good idea or does it have good practices to create a robot with only hotkeys to make all processes?

I can use Computer vision for half of the process, but when I need to use Send Hotkey activity it’s not working.
For example when using the search bar and type invoce I want to send hotkey enter, but he is not sending enter because of the computer vision.

So basically I start thinking only with hotkeys to create him.
What is your opinion?

Hi @Veselin_Ganchev,
As you already know the CV activities needs to be placed under CV Screen Scope. Try maybe to use Send Hotkey outside of this scope.

Hi @Pablito,
Thanks for the answer.
I try outside the CV Screen Scope Activity but still didn’t work.

Output line:
Send Hotkey mstsc.exe Executing
Send Hotkey mstsc.exe Cosed

He is executing the Send Hotkey Activity outside of CV Activity but didn’t respond to Navision.
Still on the same form.

Once I had similar problem with one application. I was experimenting with clicking into application before sending hotkey and with Send Hotkey attributes. I don’t remember exactly but some of these worked.