Hot keys handle

How to handle if the application does not allow to use send hotkeys?

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Usually send hot keys can be used when the process is handled in a image based application like in Citrix environment or any where even in a normal local application
—if that doesn’t allow us to use send hot keys then we can use simple click activity to click on fields and button in that application
If we are not able to click them as individual elements then we can use COMPUTER VISION ACTIVITIES which can surely take all the elements as individual elements

But mostly all the application will be taking hot keys may be few in Exception which can take above methods

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May I know what error are you getting?

If hot keys not working then try with click and other activities.

can you explain me more about COMPUTER VISION Activities, so in my application I have to send hotkeys to navigate.

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Nothing is happening.

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Fine computer vision activities were recently developed to handle even the elements in Citrix or image based application or instances like initially we were not able to pick the elements in the Citrix server or image applications and we were using click image activities which are not that reliable and slow method of accessing these elements
So to take that to next step we got in to this technology which uses AI interaction with the Elements of the application

For more details on this

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