Doing activities in remote desktop


I am trying to do some activities in a remote desktop, like i am trying to restart or open cmd in remote desktop but fail to do so, looking for suggestions.


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Hi @indrajit.shah

Do the Citrix activity like send hot key activity


@AshwinS2 thanks for your reply, but even citrix have limited activities, isn’t it?

Hey @indrajit.shah,

Try installing the UiPath Vision activities package. This will allow you to automate within a remote desktop. However, you will need an API key, I am not sure where to get this from.

@william.coulson did you meant by Computer Vision??


Yes I do. But the package on the Studio within manage packages is called UiPath Vision.

okay, but is much more limited than citrix activities, as using CV i can’t even able to open run command or anything…

Did you tried anything?? do you mind sharing.


I had to develop a process a little while ago using CV, I have not personally used Citrix. You have to use CV screen scopes and specific CV activities within the package, and you can use hotkeys still. CV seemed to work fine for the process, it was a little bit slow but overall quite sturdy. I don’t remember where I got my API key but you will need one for CV activities.

I was cleared to make it on my local computer so all this CV stuff was made redundant. The workflow no longer exists.

can you help me with one more thing…Is OCR is must to use CV Screen Scope? and under CV Screen Scope i can use almost all activities like element exist, open application, etc…


If you are using Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection or the other Remote Desktop application downloaded from the Microsoft Store:


Then use Microsoft OCR.

I am fairly sure you can only use a limited amount of activities within a CV Screen Scope.

Fine let’s take that in a simple way
Once after getting to the Citrix environment
Use a MAXIMIZE WINDOW activity so that we can ensure that the foreground of the screen is now shown with Citrix environment only

So whatever hot key if now is pressed it will get executed in Citrix only

Then once after setting to whole screen use a SEND HOT KEY activity and use hot key as win+r
Use just with hot key and don’t select any region of element for selector
This will open the run window

Then again use type into activity with “cmd” as input and no element chosen

This Way we can open the cmd window

Cheers @indrajit.shah

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Licenses > Other Services

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@Jersey_Practical_Sho … didn’t get your point??

it was a reply to someone on this thread asking where to get the api key

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okay :slight_smile: