Type into "[d(alt)]lea[u(alt)]"

Hi all,

I need help. I found activity Type Into in some process and in text value is: “[d(alt)]lea[u(alt)]”

Can someone help me, what does this “[d(alt)]lea[u(alt)]” mean, is this hotkey or? Thanks


@mkriznjak - What language version of UiPath/Windows are you using?

Keyboard is set to Croatian, but Windows environment is on English

@mkriznjak - “[d(alt)]lea[u(alt)]” means “Alt” key press + lea + “Alt” key press. Sorry, I am not sure what “lea” means. Hope this makes sense to you.


@sreenivasm Thanks a lot. A “lea” are some shortcuts in SAP. I found out what this means. Thanks

Awesome! :+1:

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