UiPath Computer Vision CV Click / Send hotkey factory

Hi, I am trying to use UiPath Computer Vision

For CV Click
①How to I enter a double click?
②How to I enter a right click?
I tried reading through the documentation but it did not specify how do i specify the key. What do I type into the clicktype parameter?

For Send hotkey factory
③How do I enter the Enter button?
There is no drop-down list in the specialkey.
Typing Enter to the key, the ends up typing enter.

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right click can be successfully using that propertie

and double click can be used with the click type

then to send the enter key, activate this propertie in send hotkey activity, and to get the selector, just select the entire application or sever you are automating, to make a global selector, and thats all buddy,
hope this help youi


Hi, thank you so much for your prompt reply.
About Cv Click Activity, I noticed that you have the drop down list for ClickType and Mouse Button. Probably it is not there for my version.
I’m using ComputerVision.Activices = 2.2.0 May I know which version are you using?

As for the send hotkey activity. Thanks for teaching me to enter the value in clickBeforeTyping. It’s important. Do I type “Enter” in the key value for it the "enter"key to be pressed?

you can update or reinstall that package

and to send hotkey

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or to your version, in the properties pane, in this part type "enter"

I am using the latest ComputerVision activies 2.2.0 but I still do not see the pull down list.
For Double Click. I have typed into ClickType as CLICK_DOUBLE but it has an error.


I also tried typing “enter” into the field but it ends out typing enter instead of pressing the enter key.

in click type use this expression: ClickType.CLICK_DOUBLE
in mouse button: MouseButton.BTN_RIGHT

in the send kotkey activity, in the propertie “SpecialKey” put True and try again


Awesome. It works.
Thank you sir fernando_zuluaga.

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