Send Outlook Mail Message using Alternate Email


I could send email using the Send Outlook Mail Message activity using my default email account.

However, when I choose to use an alternate account as the sender and indicate the email address into Input > Account property attribute, I got the following error : Send Outlook Mail Message: Account not found:

Any expert care to advise? Thanks !

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Once I had the same problem. I did multiple things but not shure at the and what the solution was.
At the end it was running. Some of them:

  • Some outlook activities seems to be case sensitive
  • Account deleted in outlook an added again
  • Wrong path to directory
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As i observed, uipath will read the other account mails too, (might be folder names issue it is, it must be case sensitive)
if not solved still please try to make the secondary account as default email account from the [control panel->mail->email settings]


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Refer this Thread

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Thanks all for responding. I have gone thru the threads and they are helpful info. May I ask then if the control is within outlook email settings as the default, the the account property attribute is pretty redundant. If I may put in another way, that means, UIPath has this attribute for no special purpise or that its purpose could not be met becasue we just cannot input the secondary (alternate) account without having outlook email setting set as default for the supposedly secondary account which one intends to use in the send outlook mail message activity. Thanks !

Hi, any advice ? Thanks

Hi, any advice for my query ? Thx.