Send Outlook Mail Message - Error: Account not found


I can not send messages working with “Send Outlook Message” activity. When I try to send a mail, I have the following exception: “Account not found” I don’t understand this situation because at the same time “Get Outlook Messages” activity works perfectly with the same Outlook account. Maybe, do I need to make any settings in Outlook to send messages?

I have aleady worked with “Send Outlook Message” activity in other machines and it worked.


Hello @ELanchas,
I would like to recommend some checks.

  1. Check your Outlook in machine, whether it is properly configured or not.
  2. If you have configured more than one account, then you need to specify it (which account you are going to use).

If you can send the screenshot of send outlook activity properties, then it would be helpful for us.

I am very new to UIpath. I have UI path community edition installed in my pc. I have outlook installed as well. However, I am not able to see outlook or email integration in my UI path. When I tried to open a sample project for outlook integration I got the following error
“Could not find type ‘GetOutlookMailMessages’ in namespace ‘’. Row: 63, Column: 6” Can you please help me troubleshoot this?


Hi @surjith,

  1. Have you installed the package Uipath.Mail.Activities in Ui Path studio?

  2. Have you downloaded any sample project and trying to run it without knowing the pre-requisites?

  3. Have you configured any email account on your machine via Outlook successfully?

  4. If you have not installed the packages then you can find the packages
    Click on the Packages Symbol and search for Uipath.Mail.Activities and install first.

  5. If downloaded the sample project then the package is the pre-requisite for mail related activities.

  6. You have to configure your outlook account and you should able to receive/send mails via outlook.

Try with all the above and let me know if any further issue comes.


Hi Jiban,
Thanks for the quick response. I wan’t aware of how to install the packages. Going to give it a try. Will let you know.

Thanks again,

@surjith, Initiating a new thread will be wise always instead of posting in someone else’s thread. It may be confusing because you both relate to Outlook Mail Topic but scenario is different.
So request you to please keep this thing in mind. :slight_smile:

Hello @jibanjyoti,

thank you for your response. I think that the problem is on Outlook settings because I have worked with this activity before successfully. But it is strange that “Get Outlook Messages” works well and “Send Outlook Message” doesn´t work at the same time.

I attach a screenshot

hi @surjith

What i wants to advice you is if you are going to ask any doubt then first thing you should do is to search it on the forum, may be someone else has been faced the same one or not. it will be good for you as well.

to create multiple threads with the same thing is not a good thing.

Just create only a thread when you have not find anything exists relative on the forum.

Because regarding activity not available and installed packages and other things has been already provided by someone on this forum.

**Note- Always If you are a new user of uipath then before starting first installed all available packages from package Manager. if you are using New uipath stable version then by using ctrl+p you will be able to open a package manager.

Happy Learning…!!
Enjoy Uipath.


hi @aksh1yadav

Sure I’ll keep that in mind. TBH I’d done a search for the error that I had got but I couldn’t connect it to I didn’t know about packages at all. That said, I appreciate your response and will be more cautious in the future.



So you problem has been resolved or not?

Let us know :slight_smile:


@aksh1yadav @jibanjyoti Thanks guys. It’s resolved. I’m happily on my way…:grinning:

hi @ELanchas

Generally it works even if you passes an account and even if you will left it blank.

Outlook activities works with your defaultly with your outlook account configured on your system.

So things you can check is that your machine has been configured with one outlook account and you can try with this demo xaml as well.

and let me know if anything you will face.

OutlookSample.xaml (7.5 KB)



Thank you very much @aksh1yadav,

it works perfectly!! I don´t know why, but if I pass my account, it doesn´t work and if I leave account in blank, it works.


Reason might be that the account string is case sensitive, f.e. in my case didn’t work, but did. Maybe it’s the same for you.



Hi Aksh,

Regarding the outlook mail send message.I am trying to use your sample but i am getting the below error message

OutlookSample has thrown an exception

Message: Operation aborted (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80004004 (E_ABORT))

Source: Send Outlook Mail Message

Exception Type: COMException

I want to know i need to configure any server setting while using outlook send activity in ui path.For you info I have already logged into outlook.Could you please let me know in detail why i am getting this error message.

Thanks in Advance,

I disagree with the solution. Although the user is able to send Outlook messages, you didn’t address why the “account not found” error appears. I came here looking for an answer to a similar problem. Although I can send email from Outlook, I cannot change the account from which I send it with UI Path without encountering the error.


Well the solution would be , go to your outlook account and see the ‘Account Name’. What andrez said below is what solved the issue.



That might be what worked for you and it’s good to know that the field is case-sensitive, but in a more general sense this is the correct answer: Send Outlook email from a non-default account

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Well this navigation

is similar to

:slight_smile: great!

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