Different configurations in Get Outlook Mail Message and Send Outlook Mail Message in UiPath


I am using Get Outlook Mail Message and Send Outlook Mail Message activities in UiPath. I have configured two accounts in my machine. When I need to read mail, I need to configure the Account Name property considering case sensitiveness. For example if my account name is ABC@xyz.com, it should not be given as abc@xyz.com, ABC@XYZ.com etc. For more details refer this post.

On the other hand if I need to use Send Outlook Mail Message, the account name property should be configured in lower case (Should be given as abc@xyz.com where account name in outlook is ABC@xyx.com). Otherwise it is throwing Account Not Found exception.

Refer this post.

Am I missing something here or is it the correct way in UiPath?

If it is the correct way I suggest that there should be some common way in UiPath to configure send and read outlook mail messages. Either case sensitive configuration or lower case.

Looking forward for suggestions from forum.

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Yeah it sounds realy tricky but i don’t see problem with that differences, for outlook you are using original user account for SMTP you are using original user account with only one additional word .ToLower, and that’s it.

Don’t create overengineering inside activities if we can use VB.NET’s methods :wink:

Hi @rado,

I agree but as a software product having similar configuration methods will be more ethical right?


Simmilar is a key word, they are not the same, this is why differences are kept. This is my opinion. :slight_smile: