Send Outlook Mail Message Activity Issue ( sender account )

I am designing a program which must send an email ( using Send outlook mail Message) but i have been facing an exception ‘Account not found: (Email id)’.
I have seen several threads related to this but i am not sure why we cant use specify an account from which an email must be sent if the outlook has only one account linked.
i am a project designer and i am developing a code that must work for all the cases. i am using Assets to specify which account to send email from.
the program does work fine if i don’t specify what account to send emails with but i want to make it more generic so that if i were to reuse the code in some other machine which has multiple accounts.

Please leave your point of view on this issue and let me know if there is any solution


Exception account not found, the email address mentioned in send Outlook message, is it not configured in Outlook, if the account is not configured then account needs to be configured as send Outlook activity doesn’t have properties to connect to any server or any port number so it takes the information from the Outlook application.

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configured? i don’t understand what do you mean by this @anil5 cuz i have been using that account in the outlook and it has been working fine. The only change that i made is that i reset my computer password. but im not sure if we r specifying the password anywhere in the code for the bot to access the emails is it?


If the outlook is configured and only password reset has been done then that should not effect using send outlook message activity.

hmm , but i still get the same error tho, stating ’ Account not Found’
is there anything else that i have to check before i use ‘send outlook mail message’ activity?

Are you specifying account name in the property of Send outlook message.

yes, i have it stored in a variable for which im getting the value using asset from orchestrator

Can you specify the account directly and see if it’s working.

it still does not work. i will check if my outlook has a prob and ill get back to you.

hey @anil5 ,
i did alot of digging and came to know that the get email activity works properly for shared email id but send email activity does not work since it requires the actual user name (but shared emails are not configured to the outlook). is there something else that can be done from my situation or… do i have to configure aka add that email id to my outlook?

No other option, to send outlook message from a particular account, account needs to be configured.

could we use Send Exchange mail message??


Send Exchange mail message cannot be used as there also account needs to be configured as you could see the properties no where we are providing the password by just providing the username it doesn’t work.

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Hey @Govindan

You can go with Send SMTP Mail Activity.

Note- both useremail address and password users can set in asset of credential type Easily.




Did you try the above activity Send SMTP Mail activity.

actually i used the same activity ( send outlook email activity) but instead of including the account name i used ‘Sendonbehalf’ property. it works for me where the accounts r shared emails.
Thanks for helping

Hi @Govindan,

Good to know it works for you.

You can use this property when you have been given delegate access to the shared email address and then you can specify the shared email address in “Sendonbefalf” property.

So in your organization someone has given you the delegate access for the shared mail box.

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Hi @anil5 & @Govindan,

Can you specify where this “sendonbehalf” property is found? Are you still using the Send Outlook Mail Message activity?

Hi @CYoung,

Can you use this version for mail activities v1.3.0 and update your package


Thanks for the quick response, I now have it working!