Send Outlook Mail Message - Error using non-default account

I’m trying to use the send outlook mail message activity from an account that is not my default outlook email, but it gives me the following error when I try to run the program:


I’ve already made sure that the email address I inputted in the properties pane matches the user name found in outlook’s account settings.
Any ideas on how to fix this?? Thanks in advance!


It seems that the error you had encountered is more likely an outlook setup issue. Possible items you may try:

  1. Delete the outlook (.ost) file
  2. Delete the profile and add it back again then test.

How would I go about doing each of those? I’m not sure what exactly you mean by each

It is a long call but try this (Maybe you are accesing the wrong account)

just found the source of the problem. Try this: Control Panel -> Mail (32-bit) ->
email tab. The “name” field of the email account is what you need to use in the “Send Outlook Mail” activity,
NOT necessarily your email address. That could absolutely have been documented better on the UI Path website!

Thanks but I’ve actually seen that thread already and I double checked that the name field matches the user name of the email address I’m using! I’m also not getting an “account not found” error

I’m trying to use a send exchange mail message instead but now I’m getting a “401 unauthorized” message… I’ve tried the server address for both my primary and non-default account and have tried switching the user and password for each as well but I still get the same error