Outlook send mail: account not found


I have different mail accounts in outlook and I have to send mails with the “Send Outlook Mail Message” activity.
When I have one mail account configured it works perfectly leaving “mail account” blank.
When using multiple mail accounts I always get “Account not found”. I triple checked the mail addresses, they are completely the same (no spaces, capital letters, …).

Does anyone have a clue?


HI @ArneDeProft,


Thanks for your feedback, but that is exactly my problem.
When I configure one account in outlook it works when I leave it blank in UiPath. But I need multiple accounts on outlook, when I configure that in Outlook it does not work anymore if I put the correct adres in UiPath…

Has this issue been solved? This doesn’t answer the question. If I have two Outlook emails configured, why is it still failing with “Account not found” filling in one of the email accounts?