Send Outlook Mail Message sends mail but after 3 days same email is beeing received

Hey Everyone,

I have a process where I use send outlook mail message and it works fine no problem, it sends the mail. But the problem is same is also being received by the people after 2 day or sometimes 1 day, and they ask if the robot worked 2 times which it didnt.

When I check the sent mailbox of the robot I only see the mail that has been correctly sent on the day that robot was executed.
image For example this mail in picture has been also received by the people in “22/10/2021” but as you can see there is only 1 seen in the sent mails and its in 18/10/2021 (so they received the same mail in 18th and 22nd of October)

I have also got same complaints about this in my other processes as well so its in the scope of outlook and send outlook mail message activity.

Any solution for this? Or anyone knows what causes the problem?


@berkaykor Is it only happening with automation or in general as well you get the same problem.
Such problems are more related to connection between local outlook with the microsoft exchange server

Only when RPA sends the mail.

If you are closing/killing outlook just after the send email activity, its better to check if email successfully delivered.

I am not using killprocess etc. on outlook actually, it is always open before/after the robot start working