Cannot Send e-mail messages using outlookmail send activity

I made Robot to send lots of e-mail and it was working well when using Uipath Studio.

However, when i run the robot with Attend Robot License in other Machine, it didnt work well and couldn’t send messages.

there were no error logs and some of those messages remain in the Sending Tray.
Perhaps Uipath Robot recognized as being able to successfully run outlook mail sending activity.

Anyone know why this happened and how i can solve this problem?

Is it kind of a Outlook trouble that there are too many message at the same time or the problem with the Robot that couldn’t recognize the account information to send messages?

Hi @Kyohei_Urano ! :smile:
To use send outlook activity, from what I understood UiPath robot uses the Outlook account that is connected to the session of the computer you’re using.
In the machine you’re trying to run your job, does it have the application Outlook ? If yes, is Outlook logged in properly ?

Thank you for answering.

I have the application Outlook in the machine running the robot, and the account had been added in the application setting.

Alright, and in send outlook activity did you precise the specific account ?
Does the machine also have UiPath Studio ? I wonder if you’d be able to see a difference if you run it in Debug mode.

Would you mind also checking the eventlog in windows to see if an error at the application or system level is noticed ?

Also, if you have an antivirus, check the logs of your antivirus to be sure that it didn’t block your mails

Sorry for delay.

when the robot runs in Uipath Studio, it works well and every sending processes successfully worked.

However, when it comes to AR license, it didn’t work well in other machine.

I’ll try to investigate why it happened by checking the eventlog in windows.

Thanks for your advise.

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