Send Mail activities fails on first run on a brand new account - outlook never opened before

Hi guys,

we often use send mail actitivity on robots we create. Then when the robot first starts unattended on a robot machine, this activity fails, since the outlook hasn’t been ever opened on that new account.
So we need to manually log onto this machine (if we have several pcs, we have to do this foreach) and start outlook once - then the robot works.

Is there a better solution? Using exchange online doesn’t work for us. We need to send mails over the local outlook.

But is there like something I can build, where the robot initializes outlook or something so we don’t have to do this manually?

Thank you and BR,

Hi @ShadowDom

You can set outlook to start automatically when the system starts. Please follow the steps below

Automatically start an Office program when you turn on your computer - Microsoft Support.



thx for the suggestion. We also have robots with no outlook mailbox though and that would lead to always open outlook on every robot that runs on the machines. I work in a big company with 100s of robot runs a day.

Is there no better solution for that problem?

Thx Geralt

HI @ShadowDom

You can write a bat script to start outlook and invoke this only in the bots you need in your initialize