Send outlook mail message send the same email twice

i have an issue that the send outlook mail message send the same email twice, any one could help on this, what could be the reason? i’m using the REFramework and a shared mailbox in outlook,


At what stage are you getting this issue?

You can check with Debug to understand the issue

If you are flow is failing because of application exception and retries means it will do the same, so check by debug, so that you can check step by step

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Hi @rchabbeh,

I guess it is executing twice, Write some message box in the same block after the send outlook mail activity and observe is it executing twice?

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no it’s in one execution, i have put in the end of the process that the robot send an email to inform that it was finished, i receive the email twice in few secondes, and it’s not a retry and when i debug no error found and the robot send two emails in the same time :frowning:

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Is this printing one time only?

Hi @rchabbeh
Can you confirm me, if only one robot is executing the job or any other robot is also assigned with the same job?

Hi Everyone,

I have the same issue that the outlook message was generated twice for the same email.
Can you help me to solve this issue ?

Thank you.

Hi @Dimas_Pratama

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Can u show where u had placed the send mail activity?

Nived N
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I’m having this issue on the RPA server when already upgraded the UIpath version to 20.10 and using UIpath orchestrator to manage robot scheduler.
There is no issue when using windows task scheduler and UIpath version 19.10.

what should i do to identify this issue ?
I tried to raise a ticket to microsoft but there is no advise to solve this issue.

Thank you.


We are also facing similar issue, please let me know if you were able to resolve this issue.


I have seen similar issues and it could be perhaps you have 2 applications of outlook open, or you’re closing outlook too fast after sending the message and a second copy of that email sits in your outbox until the next time the app opens again.

Hi. I had the same issue. What was happening is it was sending the email, then the bot was finished and the machine logged out. It wasn’t giving enough time for the email to be sent, so it went again from the outbox when the next robot was run. The fix was just to add a delay at the end of the robot to give it time to fully send the email.