Send Hotkey: Timeout reached. (Ctrl + a) in Excel

Hi, anyone of encounter time out issue when sending hotkey in excel. I encounter when executing Control + a key in Excel. This error occurs intermittently.

PS: I was once provided a solution of removing the informative screenshot from the send hotkey activity but this is not working either.

I am using Studio version of 2018.4.3. Excel Activity Version of 2.5.1.

Any advice would be appreciated.



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Could you please help me with screenshot of that Send Hotkey activity Selector and so that we can check and help you.

If you possible don’t indicate any element with that activity and try once.

Welcome back to uipath community
—use START PROCESS activity where pass the filepath of excel as input to Filename property so that it will bring the excel to foreground
—use GET ACTIVE WINDOW ACTIVITY which will bring to the bot with active forecourt window so that any activity then performed will be done in that window only
—so now use SEND HOT KEY activity with no element chosen for selector and just use a hot key ctrl+a

Which will select the whole excel data

Cheers @Mon


Here is the screenshot of the selector. (P.S. the excel is closed currently so there is validation error. When I try without indicate any element in send hotkey (ctrl+a), it is not working i.e. not selecting the whole excel document. Note: I have used Send Hotkey activity within Excel application scope.


Thanks. Let me try that.

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Hi you can also try the Select Range activity instead of Ctrl+a

It will be hard for me as I need to select the whole sheet.

Are we able to select them with ctrl+a inside GET ACTIVE WINDOW ACTIVITY