Send Hotkey Not Actioning

I am automating the “save as” in excel. Dragged the send hotkey activity and ticked “Alt-F” but excel is not opening the file menu. I dont get any exception. How to solve this pls.

Hi @Kalaisri_K

May be the Excel is not active.

You can try with following

  1. Use Activate activity and indicate the excel screen and use send Hotkey activity.


  1. Indicate the excel screen in your send Hotkey activity


  1. Use Excel application scope activity → Inside that use Select Range activity and Give any cell to select “A1” → Use SendHotkey activity.


I think the steps mentioned by @Gokul001 should work.
In case it doesn’t, can you try using a lowercase “f” in the send hotkey activity? When a capital letter is used, UiPath sometimes interprets it as pressing “shift” along with the key


Hello @Kalaisri_K

Is it mandatory to use ui based automation in the excel instead of uaing the default excel activities??


Take Excel Application Scope Activity ,
Inside that Take Read Range Activity &
Mention Sheet Name On which you want to send Key Board shortcut Then Take Send Hotkey Activity.