Need to Send Hotkeys when Excel Application Scope is NOT visible

How can I send hotkeys (e.g. ctrl+t) when Excel Application Scope’s Visible property is false? Or is it necessary that UI elements be visible in order for selectors to work?

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Hey @grosner,

It is necessary to have UI Elements visible for interaction.

But you can achieve actions using the activities present.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I do not understand. Can you provide more detail about what you mean by “activities present” or describe how to send hot keys when the excel ui is not visible.

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Hey @grosner,

No worries.

You are sending hotkeys to the excel to achieve some action right.

The same action can be achieved by means of the activities present in UiPath for Excel.

Give a try out with the activities for your scenario.

If still you can’t make, post the exact action you are trying to perform by means of hotkey. We can try figuring out how can the same be done without UI interaction.

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what are trying to achieve by sending hotkeys?

Can you handle the pop-up if it is gonna appear every time.

Thanks for the reply.
I need to convert excel data to a table. This is how I do this:

  • Select Range (e.g. “A1”)
  • Send Hotkey (ctrl + t)
  • Send Hotkey (enter) (this clicks the Ok on the popup)

I would like to create the table while the Excel Scope Is Not Visible.
Why? The popups are somewhat distracting, cover my display and because the interim table creation is simply an intermediate process (the workflow is doing other stuff after the table is created).
Any sample workflow that can convert “sheetToTable” would be greatly appreciated. Even better would be a Custom Activity that performs the work based on a few input values!