Send Hotkey not working and stopped working suddenly

Hi all,

Send Hotkey for Alt+F4 is not working for me. It have suddenly stopped working in Production environment . The process is running on the VM.

Can someone suggest an alternative for “Alt+F4”.

I read in below link that we can use some combination of keys, but can someone please tell the keys for “Alt+f4”

@malhotraneha162000 - are you using Alt+F4 to close the application? or any other operations?

if your operation is to close the browser → do attach browser and use close tab activity.

The code is in the attach browser activity only, I’m closing the page opened on IE for an application

I’m using Alt+f4 to close the page opened


Instead of using hotkeys, you can pass Kill process, also check is it not working because of multiple windows

Hope this helps


I have an application opened from which I open different tab to perform some actions and then close the tab using Alt+F4 to return to the 1st tab to perform other functions.
So, I can’t kill the browser. By doing so, my code will become quite messy.


Then you can use close tab activity, give browser as input

Also you can try with Ctrl + W in send Hotkey

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Hey @malhotraneha162000

You can use close tab in attach browser if you want to close a particular tab.


as you almost used options to close a tab, just give a try with Set Focus.

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@malhotraneha162000 - To Close the browser → you can try below (without having any issues it will work)

In Attach browser activity → Property → Output → Set UiBrowser variable (like var_ieBrwser)
use close tab activity and pass the variable (var_ieBrwser) in Input → Browser

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This solved my issue.

Thank you


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