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I have open browser and in attach browser scope I am trying to send hot keys, ALT F and CTRL J. To get to downloads, instead of clicking on three dots and clicking on downloads. However the send hot keys is not working. Only UI click working. Any suggestions please?

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we can ommit Alt+F and open the downloads directly with CTRL+J (e.g. Chrome, FireFox)

Ensure that the Send Hot keys Selector is pointing to the right browser Window

Hi @A_Learner

Try giving only one Send Hotkey with shortcut Ctrl+J. This should work for you.


Thank you @ppr and @Parvathy
Tried the above suggestions. Still not working. Could be the Edge browser issue?

Checked on Edge was working fine.

Can you share a screenshot of your Send Hotkey Modelling?

Alternatively, you can try keyboard shortcut activity (modern experience) inside use application/browser. Click record shortcut and press the required keys.

Thank you, Using classic.


When your using Send Hotkey for Edge browser it’s not opening in a new tab perhaps opening in the same tab at right hand side. May be you can’t change the settings of that in Edge.


Open Browser(URL)

Click image1
Attach Browser
if image2 does not exist
— retry scope
send hot keys ctrl + j
condition image2 exists
click image2

please share screenshots

@ppr Sorry I cannot. Thank you,

then at least compare

and set a good selector eg.

<wnd app='msedge.exe' cls='Chrome_WidgetWin_1' title='ABC*' />

ABC details to the title and wildcard

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@ppr, thank you for your efforts. My selector matches the above and the validation showing green. However the hot key is not working.


kindly note: missing details is creating ping-pongs.
Does your send hotkey looks like the shared screenshot? is j used and not J?

Awh! I was using J. Corrected now. Thank you!!!

Hi @A_Learner

Could you try this way. It’s working at my end.
Use Send Hotkey and pass the shortcut Ctrl+J.
After Give Click for three dots when the download pop up comes.
Give another click for after clicking onto three dots for clicking Open Downloads page.

Check out the below image for better understanding:

Sequence14.xaml (13.8 KB)


Thank you so much. I was using CTRL +J and it did not work. When I changed to CTRL+j as per @ppr post, it started working. Thank you for all the efforts.

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Extended version if you want to open downloads in a new tab.
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