Send Hotkey to another tab, error / issue?

Hi guys I have a website open and I use the send hot key command to open the source code. I then want to send hotkeys to the source code tab (2nd tab in the Google Chrome window) but even when I select this second page with the screenshot, the bot still sends the hot keys to the original tab.

Is UiPath only able to work with one tab per window, or is there possibly a value to target the name of the window that I can use? Any information on this would be appreciated, thanks.

I havent done what you are looking to accomplish but I would imagine if adjusted your selector to include the title of the window of the “DevTools…” it should work


Anyone have experience on this?

I have one tab open in Google Chrome, and have passed ‘ctrl + u’ to open up a second tab with the source code, but I cannot seem to target the second tab when sending addition ‘Send Hotkey’ activities; the bot still sends the keystrokes to the first tab which matches the website in the ‘Open Browser’ activity that all these activities are all houses in.

If we want to do any activities out there in the new tab we need to get there and that’s how we do even when done manually isn’t it buddy

So use a SEND HOT key Activity with key as ctrl+shift+tab which will take us to the next tab and once after going to that tab we can use any activities which will get executed there

Kindly correct me if I m wrong

Cheers @css

Yea so I already have the new tab open and in focus in the browser, but the hotkey goes back to the original tab. I was able to use an ‘Attach Browser’ activity within the original ‘Open Browser’ activity and that seemed to accomplish what I was looking for, I just don’t know if that is the most appropriate way to do this in Ui.

Is there not a way to input the window name that we are trying to target?

I had to send hotkey as belong on second tab: alt+tab+p (all type in same time)

I solved my problem with activity “type into” and with input : “[p(alt)][p(tab)]”+“p”
Finally set “sendwindowmessages” as “True”