Send hot key not working in background .error got time out

As mention in attachment my application running in chrome while in between if I open another think eg if I open notepad as mention in attachment then Send hot key with TAB not work and when I minimized notepad then it start working fine.I want to use TAB.

Hi @Aditya10989,
Have you tried experimenting with other attributes like SendWindowMessages?

Hi yes I used type into activity with add hot key with send window message its not working in my local system but it works fine in orchestrator

Please try to debug your process and check how it behaves. Maybe something is going to fast when run locally.

in debug mode it work fine faced issue in local when minimised window

Are you able to show your process and attributes to see what can possibly be wrong.

yes sure.

any futher detail required let me know

For TypeInto activity you need to use SimulateType property to be able to run it in the background on local machine.

yes if I do this then tab click is not paste hot key as a string in text box.

for your better understanding I create another post.Please check this you will got detail and simulate click also which I got issue.Send hot key not working in background - #2 by SamanGuruge

I can’t understand why are you trying to send hotkey in same activity. There is separate activity called Send Hotkey which you should use. So instead of this:

You should use Type Into with SimulateType attribute to write the string and then SendHotkey with SendWindowMessages attribute to pass the hotkey. And this should run in the background. And if you need to pass hotkey 3 times then you need to use Send Hotkey activity 3 times as well. (or in the loop if you are passing same hotkey one by one)