Send hotkey causes application to crash

Hello I experienced a strange situation where send hotkey causes a web application (IBM Cognos) to crash (closes), the send hotkey is simply “enter”, when I do it manually everything works fine. Does anyone know what could possibly be the reason?

Hello @lynnsong986 ,

Did you tried executing with some other keypress? Instead of Enter try with some other keyevent and check whether its throwing the error.

Also can you switch to modern design, there you can find the activity “Keyboard shortcuts” which is more advanced. Can try with that and update here.

Hi @lynnsong986,

Some applications may have such problems. Did you get the same error when you did it manually?


Thanks both. I don’t get the same problem when manually pressing enter.

There is no definite reason for this but If you are using a web application, you can test it by working in privite mode. Hope it helps.

Hi Rahul, I tried the modern design keyboard shortcuts, but it keeps freezing everything, is there a way to get out of it, I have to keep shutting down my computer. Thanks!

did you tried going to taskmanager. alt+ctrl+delete and close the uipath.

Hi @lynnsong986 ,

Could you let us know What is Send Hot Key Activity performing ? Is it an Enter after a Type Into for a Search ? Or is it for a Click ?

Also, What does the Selector of the Send Hot Key Activity or the Attach Window/Browser Activity of the Send Hot Key referring to ?

Yea I did but nothing worked, the screen is completely frozen.