Send hotkey in background for r-ctrl

Hi everyone,
I need to press r-ctrl (generic ctrl or l-ctrl are not working) in a web application inside virtual environment and I need everything to work with locked screen.
Uipath is 2018.2.3 version and is installed inside the virtual environment.

If i try to activate background option in ‘send hotkey’ activity or ‘type into’ activity (‘simulate’ or ‘send windows message’ flags) It does not work.

If I try the same thing with the ‘tab’, or when I type into the username and password, It works fine.
Without background options I have no problems.

Is there something I did wrong or any workaround?
Thank you very much


Have you tried adding different selectors to the Type Into or Send Hotkey activities? Maybe it helps, but if it is not, try to Type Into “[d(ctrl)][u(ctrl)]” with a bit of Delay between keys (for example 200). Sometimes it can help…

I am also facing same issue did you got solution…?