Hotkeys In Back ground Automation

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I am looking for some help using Send hot keys in the background automation for the characters like “Cntrl + A”

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Send Hot keys activity works in the background too…

You have to select input option as “Send Windows Messages”.

More details regarding to Send Hot Keys Activity -

Karthik Byggari

Thank you for your quick response but I tried check the “Send Windows Messages” but still the send hot keys are not working

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Which is the target application (web, desktop or some application)?

Desktop application

Do u have selector for app selected? and check by setting different waitforready options.

why we need selectors when we are using hotkeys , Btw I am using attach window with the proper selectors and it is working fine when i am using it on the open Pc


Selectors are required to make sure the hot keys are sent for the right window.
For attach window, not required as you mentioned.

From the documentation -

  • Desktop applications - A wm_null message is sent to check the existence of the <wnd> , <ctrl> , <java> , or <uia> tags. If they exist, the activity is executed.

What to select if the target is web? Sorry I facing the same issue where hotkey is not working in the background.

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Hello use simulate if you want to run in the background if not can you elaborate little more in detail your requirement

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Try to write “a” in lower case instead of uppercase.

I am trying to access a dropdown on a webpage by sending “keyDown” hotkey. It is working fine with an open session but somehow the activity is not working and erroring out when I close the vm session

I got the issue resolved by turning the “SendWindowMessages” toggle on.