Get output from "Send exchange mail message"

Hi. I would like to get the output from a “Send exchange mail message” in order to archive the mail. The function i’m looking for is to be found in the “Get exchange mail message” but I am unable to find it when sending one.
The best workaround I can think of, is to send the mail to the robot itself and then use “Get exchange mail message” but it seems like a tedious workaround. Does anybody know a better way to do this?

Hi @semn ,

Use get exchange mail messages and instead of inbox folder get mail messages from sent items folder so that what are all the messages you sent you will get those emails from sent items. Sharing my thoughts. Thanks.

That could probably work, thanks :slight_smile:

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Your welcome @semn

Hi @semn

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With the “Send Exchange Mail message” activity. Be sure to tick the box “SaveCopy” so it saves the email in the Sent Folder. This is potentially why you are not able to find the email after sending. If the “SaveCopy” option is cleared(default) then it can’t be viewed in “Outlook\Sent Items” folder.

Link to Documentation - Screenshot below:

Another option - It may not meet your requirement but have you thought about CC’ing or BCC’ing into a “To be Archived” Folder or even the Archive folder directly. Could save additional steps but may not meet your requirements.

Hopefully this helps :blush: