Send email from shared mailbox with Outlook or Exchange



Hi folks,

I know this is a question which already came out several times, and trust me, I went through all the related topics but I couldn’t find a satisfying answer to my issue.

What I got:
An account in Outlook (let’s call it for confidentiality reasons) with three shared mailboxes added through File > Account Settings > Email > Change > More Settings > Advanced > Add.
It looks like that:


Each of the three shared mailboxes appears under its own name in Outlook (“Shared_mailbox1”, etc.) and is linked to an email address like "", etc.

What I would like to do:
Send an email on behalf of one of the shared mailboxes to my main account address.

What I’ve tried so far:

  • The Send Outlook Mail activity

I’ve tried to set the account field with either the email address ("") or the name (“Shared_mailbox1”) of a shared mailbox.
In both cases, I got an “Account not found” error message.
If I leave the field blank, I receive an email from my main address ("").

  • The Send Exchange Mail activity

Here I use my main email address and password in the logon fields, which works fine.
In the sender fields, I’ve tried numerous things:

  • for “From” field: both email address ("") and name (“Shared_mailbox1”) of a shared mailbox.
  • for “Name” field: leave it blank, email address and name of a shared mailbox

Regardless of that, I always receive an email sent by my main address (""). It seems like the robot doesn’t care about what I typed into the “Sender” fields.

I honestly don’t know what to try next, and I hope someone will be able to help me on that point…
Maybe I’m missing an obvious point, but I couldn’t find an explanation to that behaviour so far.



OK, problem solved, I found the solution a bit out of the blue.

I still don’t know how to do that with the Outlook activity, but it is possible with the Exchange activity: you have to leave the “From” field blank, and write in the “Name” field the email address of your shared mailbox ("" in my example).
Not really intuitive but it works!


wow! this works for me :slightly_smiling_face:


Brilliant! You saved my life.


Thanks for the above details, however, can anyone please help me with sending out email via shared mailbox using Outlook Activity. Thanks


Hi @nitman1- did you find anyyyyy solution for the outlook activity? thank you!!


ok, I think I have it!!
instead of the actual email address, one should write the name of the outlook account such as if you had: (like the email address) and
Account, Shared (like the name)
-> then you don’t put the email address into Account property but the name of your shared account, and that would be like : “Account, Shared”
That is it!