Can 'Send Outlook Mail' activity send an email from shared mail box?

Hi all,
I am trying to send an email from the robot account. This robot has access to shared mail box but not other accounts. I tried to put shared mail box email address into “From” box in activity’s property but it couldn’t find the shared mail box account. I knew that I can add more account to outlook but due to policies here I can’t.
Is there a way to make this work or a way round?


What is strange for me that Get Outlook Mail Messages activity works perfectly for mapped shared mailboxes so I would think that Send Outlook Mail Message should work too somehow.

I hope that somebody has an idea/workaround for this as this should be useful for me as well.

Hi @wjiraru,
Have you configured that particular shared email account with your local Outlook application (the same machine where Uipath Robot is running)???

So, This week I have a training from UiPath, face to face. I showed this issue to my instructor and she was surprised too.
No solution so far.

Sometimes the email account can have a different account name to the email address.

So one of the names will be what the account is called on the main screen of Outlook, usually this is just the email address.

The other name is what the account is called in the ‘File’ menu of Outlook, each account will be listed in a drop down box.

For Get Outlook Mail Messages, the account should be set as the name on the main screen.
For Send Outlook Mail Message, the account should be set as the name in the File menu.

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Hi All,

I have same issue , I want to send mail from generic mailbox, help if there is some solution/post/activity.


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Dear all,

I am also facing this problem.
I am a member of an generic email and i have to send emails on behalf of this account as well (in outlook, i click Options → From → then select this generic email).

May i know hoe this can be done with the Send Outlook Mail activity?
I dont have the password of this generic email as a one member of it, we are granted to send email on behalf of it only.

I’ve faced a same issue, but I resolved it. @UiJules, @wjiraru, @viyeung, @Aditipatil

Change your shared mail box as a default then close and open a Outlook again. Now both Get Outlook Mail Messages activity and Send Outlook Mail Message activity will works fine.

Thanks and Regards,
Manoj Vijayakumar



I was facing the same issue when using the shared mail ID in ‘Account’ parameter.

Entering the shared mail ID in ‘SentOnBehalfOfName’ parameter will send the mail from the configured shared mail box.

Hope this is useful.