Access shared mailbox in Outlook



Hi there,

I’m having troubles in accessing shared mailboxes:
if i set as main account the original one (e.g. and then specify the complete address of the shared folder that I want to reach (e.g. \SHARED.MAILBOX.NAME\Inbox\TargetFolder) 2 things can happen:

  1. it gives the error “The specified folder does not exist” if in the original account there isn’t a target folder with the same name
  2. it fetches the email of the folder of the original account if they have the same name (e.g. if both the original account and the shared mailbox have the folder “Inbox” it gets the email located in the Inbox of
    In case I set the shared mailbox as main account it gives the error “The specified folder does not exist”

I’m having this issues both with Outlook and Exchange mail activity. I’ve also already tried all the possible combos with user account and mailbox name (e.g. using the shared mailbox address "" instead of the name “SHARED.MAILBOX.NAME”)

The actions I need to doare fetching emails from the Inbox of the shared mailbox and move them into subfolders of the same mailbox.

Does anyone know how to solve this?

Thanks a lot