Selectors not working - Google Chrome

@octechnologist Is your issue resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling the chrome? I’m also facing issue with chrome for attended bot. It works for some machines and not working for other machines.

Please let me know the workaround you tried to fix this issue.


As I recall this was caused by inconsistencies in the way the Setup.exe installed the Chrome extension. There was a very specific sequence that needed to occur in order for that extension to be recognized and work properly.

This may no longer be the case with very recent versions, but here at my day job, we’re still on 2018.3.3 and we utilize a very manual method for installing the Chrome browser extension. We found that opening Chrome and navigating directly to this link was the most reliable way to get Chrome responding 100%:

Remove the Uipath extension from chrome browser.
Reinstall the Uipath extension in chrome.
Restart the Bot machine.
This will work.

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Hello i try to get close x selector of chrome. But it selects all browser and didnt get that close selector. Any tips on that?