Selectors not working - Google Chrome

I am unable to use Google Chrome because the selectors are not working properly. It is unabe to identify each element individually and indicating the whole page instead of a perticular element (Check the image).

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you better use IE than Chrome (if possible). But if you need few steps you can try Citrix recording or Click Image

And check: How to automate using chrome - #3 by vikas_reddy_Vicky

br, Jakub

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I think the webpage is running in localHost,
While running in localhost the UiPath Studion will not indicate the screen in Chrome
Whether you can indicate in Internet Explorer and change the select and Run in Chrome

If IE is not an option, you can sometimes resolve the selector recognition in Chrome by Disabling UiPath Extension in Chrome, restarting browser, then Re-enable Extension, and test it by trying to select an element.


No, the web page is not running on localhost.

Then try this…

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This works fine for now but it is a temporary solution. Sometimes when i run the bot it says it is unable to find the element. Why is this happening? And why is this error only occuring in Chrome ?

It is not a temporary Solution…
It is the perfect solution for your issue…
But sometimes it can’t work, I don’t know why…!!!

@JayaTyagi Please check in your machine if you have DotNet 4.6.1 Multi-Targetting pack version or not.
If not, please download and install. That will fix this issue.

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Thanks @rkelchuri. I have downloaded it and it is working fine for now. I’ll let you know if I face any issue because this error occurs randomly anytime.

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@rkelchuri I am still facing the same problem :cry:

based on my research this problem is related to Dot.Net Framework. So, please make sure you have all latest DotNet frame work available in your machine.
Could you please remove Chrome Extension and re add it

By removing Chrome Extension it works temporarily. It stops wokring after some time.

I was working with Chrome today and am seeing what @JayaTyagi is having issues with. Basically what happens is, it works and let’s you select your elements etc, but as soon as you close Chrome and let your workflow run it reverts back to the Extension not working again.

Previously, I thought it was only isolated to certain users, which might be the case and maybe a fresh profile or Chrome settings might fix something (doubtful).

In my environment we have Windows 2012 Server with all the frameworks installed up to 4.6, so what specifically would be required if not already? I don’t think that’s the issue in my case.

Like I said, it appears that it reverts back each time you close Chrome or let UiPath open a new browser session.

If I find a way to solve this for myself, I’ll let you know.


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While you are on it, did you get this pop up even though the extension is enabled?(Sporadic) Same server config 2012 R2.


I have not seen that popup. Like it’s enabled and all, so no popups, but it’s acting as if it’s not enabled which starts to happen at random times.

More …when clicking on any element getting this.


I have not seen that one either. Thanks.

I guess my browser/studio behavior is probably due to 2 or more users (HD Robots) trying to access chrome.

As far as I can see in the attached snapshot you are trying to automate a file:// url and this is not enabled by default by UiPath extension.
Go to chrome://extensions/ and under UiPath extension check “Allow access to file URLs”


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