Selectors not found when running, but when debugging

Studio/Robot version: 2018.4.4

Current behavior:

I have a valid selector:
But when i run the code i get the following error:
when i copy the selector printed UI Explorer tells me the selector is valid. This is quite frustrating and seems to have been introduced by UiPath.UiAutomation.Activies package 19.6.0, but I cant get it to work again when rolling back versions.

Hi @Yumwzsch

Welcome back to uipath community
Make sure that this get text activity is used within a attach window or attach browser
if that table occurs as a new window in a current browser (use attach window activity) or even a new browser page (use attach browser)

That would work for sure buddy
you were almost done
Cheers @Yumwzsch

Hi @Palaniyappan

I was using a “get children” function on the table in the modal window, so all selectors are dynamically valid :slight_smile: The problem turned out to be that UiPath interpreted the table lines differently, which lead to that I couldn’t treat each line the same like I could before updating to 19.6.0. This meant that I couldn’t predict how to rows would be structured and therefore couldn’t handle the sorting of files in the userinterface.
I had to redesign my function for this modal window to download all files and then deleting the ones I don’t want.

Best regards Mikkel