Selector not found

Hi Team,

While running the robots we receive an error saying selector not found.

Funny thing is sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.

So i don’t understand why are we facing this random behaviour.

we are using UI Path version 8.1.5870.32892

Is there any issues with UIPath mentioned version ?

Can you please help ?

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Hey @Dnanetwork

This link might help you or will guide on:

Let me know, if you have dobuts.!!


hi, @aksh1yadav Could you please help me in fixing an issue.

Am not able to select the drop down value using select item activity, i have gone thru many forums but didnt find solution. If i use hotkey with down/up option then 1st & last items are getting selected but as per usecase of my prj need to select a value from middle. Tried with different options by editing the selector tags but vain. It would be great if you can help me fixing this issue

Hi, try using “Click OCR Text”. For faster performance, try changing the OCR to microsoft. @Dnanetwork