Selector validation fails after element capture

Hello Folks,

While attaching Excel to window, the selector validation fails after capture of the excel window. Initially it shows as green(validated) but after reclicking on validation button for the selector, the validation tab turns red(Invalidated):

Below images provide the validated and invalidated selector screens:

Note that the excel is being accessed via Citrix Excel launch application.

Appreciate any feedback on why this may be happening and how to resolve this.

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Hi @minal.patil,

Try indicating it again from the UiExplorer and check if you see any changes.
Make sure Excel is open aswell.

If its only excel you want to attach without a file, the following should be enough:
< wnd app=‘excel.exe’ cls=‘XLMAIN’ /> (remove the space afer <)

Hope this helps!

Hey there, @minal.patil

If the above suggestion (to indicate element on screen) fails, you could also attempt to repair in UiExplorer. In the second screenshot you submitted where the validation fails, see that in the top menu bar, ‘Repair’ becomes highlighted.

Going through the steps of repair, UiPath will attempt to automatically detect and fix whatever validation errors are occurring. Hope this helps!

Thank you for the reply. I did try this but repair does not work to fix the issue.

Thank you for the reply.

  1. Even indicating and keeping excel open didn’t help.
  2. There is no space after the <

so please clarify.

I had to put a space, else I couldnt write the selector line.
Could you try to put above in the selector, see if it works when excel is open?

It should look like this then:


Tried this but it’s not working.


I have a similar issue with an internal application and I could not solve it. Maybe someone in UiPath can help us… @uipath ?


Hi @minal.patil, @melanie,

Ok, interesting, there are still several things we can try:

  • Try to add isremoteapp=‘1’ to the selector I sent earlier
  • You could delete your “broken” activity and create a new “Attach window” activity
  • Can you share how the indicating screen looks like?
  • Are you on classic activities (“Attach window” activity?) Modern Design “Use Application/Browser” activity might be a solution
  • Can you check if the Citrix plugin is correctly installed?

Let me know how this goes, we can investigate further if none of the above works.

Kind regards,

yes it’s correctly installed.

I have used classic activities.