Selector Validate Error

Selector 지정하고 프로젝트 파일을 껐다 켜면 각각의 액티비티에서 지정한 엘리먼트에 대한 유효성검사가 X로 바뀌어있어요. 아래 브라우저와 프로그램 사용했습니다. 왜 이러는 걸까요?

Each activities including Element Validate works right after I set up the element at the first. However, after restart Uipath studio or without any regular reason, element validation status suddenly turns to Validate(X). I used the browser and program below. Would you help me, please?

-Internet explorer

Hi @mnsofthr selector element validation works correctly when element is present , when the element is absent it would be shown as X mark as u told

Hope it helps
Nived N
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