Attach window excel selector improvement suggestions request

Hi all, still somewhat of a beginner when it comes to selectors but after following a few vids here and there what exactly am I doing wrong?

I didn’t use the UIExplorer tool for the selector, merely just indicated the file I wish to open. What other tags can I use? Hotkey alt tab won’t do the job here as I have multiple windows open so I need to get better at selectors.

Also what exactly does “repair” achieve? Since it just allows me to validate it by selecting the same file, but if the selector is still the same how will the output achieve expected results if it doesn’t identify it even without "repair"ing?

change to title=‘*.xlsx - Excel’ - this will make the selector dynamic and reliable

Hi thanks for your reply, I understand the wildcard tried it but it still wasnt able to focus on the recently opened excel file are the other tags relevant? whats the cls=‘XLMAIN’ for?

cls=‘XLMAIN’ is just another attribute, which should be reliable. you can remove both Title and cls and just try with app = ‘excel.exe’

I removed both but it doesn’t seem to be working even after validating/repairing it, the attach window is within an excel application scope is that somehow affecting it? Tried it in a separate process and it still doesn’t work with or without cls and title could you provide a xaml example?

If you are using Excel Application Scope then what is the need to use Attach WIndow on Excel ?? Can you elaborate ?

Perhaps there was no point, I was getting desperate as I failed to achieve this in the past and now its still bugging at me.

Is your excel actually open when you are trying to validate the selector ?
It will only validate when the excel is actually open.

Yes, I have to open the file manually to indicate it for its selectors before closing the file and running the process to see whether the attach window works.


Yeah I have been following your steps strictly…
When I run the process, the excel file opens in the background and fails to focus then the process just ends after 7 seconds.


I have also included the window variable to the Show Window and Maximize activities but to no avail, I’m dumbfounded…

Do I need to use these options for the excel application scope?
Also this option from attach window

Add a delay before Attach window and try adjusting it. start with 5 seconds.