Selector issue after upgrade Operating system

Processes developed based on Internet Explorer in windows server 2012 is not working after upgraded to Windows server 2016. The selectors are changed. How do we resolve this issue without changing the code.

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I think while developing Automation it is necessary to develop the workflow in such a way that selctor must be somewhat dynamic to little changes in application due to updates etc

There are various selector for it

Like Regex selector, fuzzy selector , css selector etc

Try for this

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The main selector changes after the upgrade. We have 30+ application in production and changing all this really a pain. Its not like title or text or id change. Its like selector changed . and button is changed with new cntrl after the update. It seems the theme of OS 2012 and theme of OS 2016 change then selector change.

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Please check this post might help you,

I think we are deviating from the main issue. The application didn’t change. We only migrated the server from windows server 2012 to Windows server 2016. The application has not changed at all. After migrating the robot server to Windows 2016. The look and feel of IE it self changed.
There are IE alerts dialog window and Warring dialog windows are involved in the process. Now the selector for those IE dialog window is not working and it seems to be completely different from the windows 2012 server IE.

Yes… usually when the environment changes(like you said IE look and feel)… underlying browser elements sometimes will get changed… Have you checked, the selector for error throwing activities.
Please compare them with the old ones, so that you may get an idea of which layer of UI got changed. Sometimes browser’s elements will get changed, but the application’s elements remain the same.

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I understand your situation where you have upgraded your infrastructure where the robot is running. Please start with lower environments like Dev or Test, it is not advisable to make such infrastructure changes directly to Production environments. It is highly recommended to perform thorough testing whenever any such changes are made. If you find anything broken in testing you can fix it as a part of the upgrade and maintenance.

Windows Server 2012 and 2016 are two different operating systems hence you will certainly see the changes in the look and feel, so does the robot. In this case, you will see differences in the selectors on the parent containers like Attach browsers and popups.

As @Latika10011740 mentioned, you can check out Object Repository to have a centralized library for all the screens that you use in the automations and the libraries can be shared across multiple processes.


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I think the only way “without changing the code” is to rollback to Windows Server 2012.