Desktop application selectors problem

We have a desktop application which was updated from Power Builder 2017 to 2019.
Bot was working fine when Application was using PB 2017. All the selectors were coming up.
But after application got upgraded to PB 2019, application is acting as a Citrix. Selectors are not coming. Hence, bot is failing.
What should I do to make it better?

HI @Deepak_M

After the update of the PB application, I think you might need to refresh your selectors to suit the new version of the application.
Does it fail even after updating the selectors?

It is not indicating individual fields.
It highlight whole window as one field like Citrix application.

I see. Wonder whether the Ui automation activities doesn’t support the new version of that application :thinking:
Have you tried upgrading the Ui Automation activities package to the latest version?
Also have you given a try using Computer Vision actvities? This might help…

All the packages are updated in the bot process.
Yes I know about CV activities.
But with this way I have to redesign the bot.
I was looking for some quick fix.

Can anyone suggest me on this?
We are having Production issues and I didn’t get any proper response till now from Uipath.

Same issue here. In some windows we can find selectors and some are just gone - cannot find them and instead of the selectors we see one big PBObject. CV, is an option however working with the selectors is much easier because on this big PBObject there is a lot of info inside with the dynamic texts so making the complex scenarios is really difficult.