Selector failing in Prod due to different version of OS

Hi All

Our prod is having Windows 2012 and all non prod are having Windows 2016. So the selector that worked in all non prod servers are now not working in prod.

Below is the selector:

Can anyone suggest how can we fine tune the above selector that it should work in prod. We don’t have access to prod and there is no studio as well.

sel prd

Hi you will not be able to find out the difference between the 2 environments unless you will be allowed to check the difference in the selectors.

I understand that Production environment should not be access using the studio. But is that constraint due to IT security policy of your client or you are just not able to due to you dont have a UiPath Studio License available for Prod?

You can also check the Title “Window Security”. Please check if it is the same Window Title in Production.

Another thing to note. IE may be obsolete soon. You should consider using a different browser already