Selector is not working on IE by UI FrameWork Default

By UI Framework Default dont work Indicate Element in IE
By UI Framework UIA it work correctly in IE
How it fix?
I use Windows Server 2016, IE 11.3204.14393, Studio 2018.4.5
Command regsvr32.exe oleacc.dll not fix it ( Repairing Active Accessibility Support )

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That command is what the fix is
Did we restart the machine once after running that command and then trying with uipath application

Cheers @Aleksey_M

Yes, I restart machine after regsvr32.exe oleacc.dll . Not work
May be it because old version studio. But make upgrade studio we can’t now

Can anybody help me?

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Fine may I know what is the edition of studio community or enterprise
and what is the version of studio

Cheers @Aleksey_M

I write it: Studio 2018.4.5, enterprise

I wonder it’s not able to
Try with this once
Like enabling scripting on IE (Internet Options, Security, Custom Level)
And also run the IE as admin

Cheers @Aleksey_M


Yes, it enabling and on IE run as admin the same

Is this question still active? I’m facing in latest version, I have to change the default UI identification settings everytime in UI Explorer, doesn’t seem efficient.

Is there a solution for this? facing the same issue

Follow the steps on this page solved my problem.
By registering the oleacc.dll file only would not solve the problem, you have to fix the IAccessibe registry entries as well.